Tarybų Lietuva ("Soviet Lithuania") was a radio station founded in 1990 by Lithuanian hardline communists who were opposed to Lithuania's independence from the Soviet Union (Russia). The station was largely aided by the Soviet military forces stationed in Lithuania, and operated from June, 1990, to August, 1991, when, following the attempted August coup in Moscow, Russia withdrew its support for the Lithuanian communists. The station operated on 864 kHz medium wave from a Soviet army base near the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Below are excerpts from the first regular broadcast of Tarybų Lietuva on June 26, 1990. The broadcast consisted of two parts, Lithuanian and Russian, both of them being identical in contents.

Flags indicate the language of the material, either Lithuanian or English.

Audio items:
in English  Mission statement (transcript)
in Lithuanian  Opening tune and ID (audio, 50 sec.)
in Lithuanian  Lithuanian part of the first regular TL broadcast (audio, 30 min., divided into 3 files):
Opening tune, ID, schedule, mission statement (5 min.)
News (12 min.)
Review of Tarybų Lietuva newspaper, closing announcement (13 min.)

Written items:
in Lithuanian  Where Platformists' Nightingales Sing Sweetly, by R. Pleikys and S. Žilionis, Vakarinės Naujienos daily, Aug.2, 1990
in Lithuanian  Pirates On The Air, by R. Pleikys, Lietuvos Rytas daily, Sep.1, 1990
in Lithuanian  Announcement of Tarybų Lietuva licence withdrawal by Lithuanian authorities. Lietuvos Aidas daily, Feb.27, 1991

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