Owned and operated by Lietuvos Radijo ir Televizijos Centras (Lithuanian Radio & Television Center), this site is located in a small wood of Viršuliškės, some 3 kilometers Northwest of the city center. The site was chosen for a radio station as early as in 1937, by the Polish administration which ruled the city at that time. In mid-1939 the station was ready to accept transmitting equipment, which subsequently was shipped from Warsaw on August 30, 1939, just two days before the World War II broke out. The station was only completed after the war, by the Soviet administration.

Vilnius - MW/AM Radio Station - General View  
General view

Vilnius - MW/AM Radio Station - Main Antenna Mast Pastato nuotrauka
Station building
looking from the main mast (rear view)
Main antenna – 121 m mast

1938 m. pastato nuotrauka  
Station building under construction, 1938
(Photo courtesy Communications Museum, Kaunas)

Stotis 1944 m.  
Station building & mast
destroyed in WWII (1944?) (photo by J. Bu┼éhak)

Stotis 1944 m.  
Station grounds after WWII

Russian soldier guarding the station, Polish soldiers passing by. Mid-July 1944

Stotis 1944 m.  
Station grounds after WWII

One of the destroyed antenna masts fell onto the station building. Summer 1944

Pastato nuotrauka  
Station building (front view)

Įėjimo nuotrauka  

Aparatinės nuotrauka  
Master Control Room

Siųstuvo nuotrauka  
Tesla 2×SRV 20  50 kW transmitter

Sometimes used for Radio Baltic Waves transmissions. Previously used to broadcast Lithuanian Radio home service's 2nd program on 1107 kHz

Siųstuvo nuotrauka  
Another Tesla 2×SRV 20 transmitter, presently used to air broadcasts of Radio Baltic Waves, with Rimantas Pleikys, RBW project coordinator.

This transmitter was previously used to broadcast Mayak program (from Russia) — and, later, Lithuanian Radio home service's 1st program — on 612 kHz.

Siųstuvo nuotrauka  
Tesla SRV 20 25 kW transmitter

Now idle. Previously used to broadcast Lithuanian Radio home service's 1st program on 1557 kHz

Izoliatoriaus nuotrauka Stiebo nuotrauka
Another antenna – 60 m mast
Base of the 121 m antenna
with ceramic insulator

Imtuvo nuotrauka  
Standard frequency receiver

used to synchronize transmitters
that operate in single frequency networks


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